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Our Family

Our family immigrated to the United States in August of 1981, and settled in the northwestern suburb of Chicago. Our department from the motherland (Korea) made us strangers, but things worked out better as we grow older. With my wife, Karen, and my naturalizations and the birth of our three children, we consider our current home (the U.S.) the father land. We currently reside in a city called Hoffman Estates, and all of my immediate family ties reside within proximity. We don’t particularly like Chicago “winter” weather, but we do enjoy summer. Some of our summer fun activities include bicycling, roller-blading, swimming, and camping. Check our photo album to see our memories.


I have recently retired from Tellabs as a staff systems engineer, and became an independent entrepreneur. For those who are interested in my background, my resume is available online. I have been contemplating about entrepreneurship for some time, but it was hard to decide what to do. With prosperity of Internet, I have built a J2EE application to market online drycleaning services. It’s somewhat early in timeline for people to use online drycleaning, but time will be our ally. I have also established a web hosting company, Edula, Inc., to replace my regular job. The company offers domain, web hosting and web design services. Besides working, I spend alot of my time playing Korean chess with friends and family, and also spend some time watching movies and Korean soap operas. I also spend much of my time teaching my kids taekwondo, typing, swimming and computer. I love riding bicycle with the kids during the summer time, patronizing a small bike trail located in my neighborhood.


Karen recently retired from being homemaker and working as a personal banker at MB Financial Bank. She is an excellent mother who takes good care of our three children, and leaves me free to concentrate on my business. She has an easy going personality, and puts up with my meticulous and yet laziness life patterns on a daily basis. She is a great wife and a great mom — does extremely well serving our food 🙂 especially during our camping trips. She is recently re-acquainted with Internet and computer, and is slowly picking up necessary skills. She enjoys playing Korean card games, and seldom accompany me watching Korean soap operas. I am very thankful for her supportiveness and lovely personality, and best of all harmonizing our family relationships.


Cindy is a sixth grader at the Lincoln Prairie Elementary School in Hoffman Estates. She likes being outdoor in general, and loves art, writing and swimming. She has an outgoing personality, and has good mentoring skills and leadership — and, she takes good care of her little brother, Andrew 🙂 She currently takes piano, taekwondo and swimming lessons. She retired from practicing ballet. She helps Karen doing dishes sometimes, and also help Andrew with lunches and snacks. She often times get into trouble, ’cause she doesn’t practice piano and read books as much as we hoped to.


Ryan is a third grader at the Lincoln Prairie Elementary School. He likes scootering, bike riding and bullying Andrew and Cindy 🙁   He is notoriously known as the one who breaks things around our house. He loves to go Chuck-E-Cheese and likes bowling. He currently takes piano, taekwondo and swimming lessons. He plays all sorts of sports: baseball, basketball and soccer. He made it to the all star baseball game this year, and contributed his team winning the game. He has very pleasant personality, resembles my childhood look and yet possesses opposite personality than mine.


Andrew graduated Kindergarten from the Bethel Christian School in Schaumburg in May. He is a first grader at the Lincoln Prarie school, and loves baseball and taekwondo. He participated in the T-Ball this year, and will soon be joining baseball next year. He doesn’t like hitting standing ball, but rather likes playing pitched balls. He learns to become independent, and loves playing yugioh-card games with Ryan and Keith (my brother). He has a very cute personality with a sense of humor and wisdom.