Fort De Soto, Florida (3/20 – 3/28/2010)

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Fort De Soto, Florida (3/20 – 3/28/2010)

It has been a few years since I last blogged, so it’s time to write one. This was our 4th trip to Fort DeSoto state park in Clearwater FL, and once again we made it a road trip. Karen joined us on Tuesday night by Air, and came home with us by car. It took us a good 22 hours to get to St. Petersburg and another 22 hours coming back home. A lot of time wasted on the road, but it’s a part of trip we choose to include. This time, we had a total of 12 persons: 3 from Young’s family, 4 from Michael’s family and 5 from us. We stayed in Forsyth GA on our way to St. Petersburg, and Ringgold GA on our way back home. We didn’t have any complaints about the two motels we stayed in, which was a good thing.

For the first time in our 4 visits, we’ve got rained for 2 days. We brought the Mariner boat with us, so we spent a couple of hours collecting turban and trumpet shells near the island. They were pretty large, so it was the good accompaniments for soju at night with go-choo-jang. On Thursday, Michael and I went on a deep sea fishing. We didn’t realize that it was out of season for Red Snapers, Groopers and many of other spices this year, so we ended up coming home empty handed. Michael and I caught nearly 12 red snapers each weighing about 5 to 8 lbs, but we had to let them go as they are out of season. The only two that are allowed are Mango and Amberjacks (30″ or longer), but we didn’t catch any of those. As we have promised to bring fish for mae-woon-tang and sushi, we had to find a way to obtain fish we didn’t catch. Unfortunately, Hubbard’s Marina is not allowed to sell fish at the location, so we had to bag for left overs after fileted fish. The lady who worked at the kitchen was nice enough to find me a small mango, which we were able to bring home.

Kids spend a day in Clearwater near Tampa Bay, and another day at the Busch Gardens. As the kids are old enough to do their own things, we (“adults”) have a little less to supervise… which was a good thing. On our way back home, we stopped at Champaign IL and dropped of Jeremy. Overall, the trip was pretty good although time flew by so quick. I have to remember to take a few photos during our vacation, as we are taking less and less pictures each year. If I get a pictures from Michael, I’ll add to this article…

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