On our trip to Maine I liked some things and disliked other things. One thing I liked about the trip was the road trip. I liked it because on our way to Castine ME we got to see Niagara Falls. (Maid of the Mist) In Niagara Falls we went on a boat that showed us around the place. We saw like 3 different falls. Also I like the road trip because we got to stay at two decent motels that both had pools. The first one we went to have a pool outside with a mini basketball hoop and two basketballs to play with. I think we went swimming for around 1 and a half hour. But the second motel had an indoor pool with a hot tub. Our whole group stayed at this motel for two nights. I had fun at both swimming pools.

A bad thing in Maine was fishing. We went fishing for so long and we barely caught fish. I hated this one day when we woke up at around 6-7 o’ clock and drove two hours to get to the dock we were going to fish at. Then we fished until lunch! (We ate at the dock) We had rice and meat. Everyone went fishing again after we ate. And we also fished until dinner. We ate lobster at this place we ate at 2 years ago. It was really nice. After we got finished eating lobster we went downstairs to a shack that held all the lobsters they caught that day. We learned a couple of things from the guy showing us around. We learned how to put a lobster to sleep and how to hold the lobsters the right way so they don’t slice you with their claws. We drove again to the dock so the parents can go fishing. This time none of the kids wanted to fish. The kids played catch while the moms and dads went fishing. That day we went fishing for a long time hoping we would go on a boat later, but we didn’t.
Another good thing in Maine was the beach. We went to sand beach. They had rock climbing; swimming, rough and soft sand where we played volleyball and had fun. We went to sand beach twice and had fun both times. The first time we went I played volleyball with the adults and the boys. We played killer, and it was really fun. But the second time we went, I went rock climbing. We started off pretty well until we figured out that we had to go through the water. The water level was to my knees but it was still freezing and kind of hard. When we got through we tried to go as far as we could to make the climb fun, but my cousin forgot his camera. So we went back. We saw that the water level grew about three inches. We had to go back so we tried our best. We went in and it was still freezing. Now the water was up to my thighs. The rocks under water seemed a lot more slippery than before. I fell once and got up to the big rock that connects to the land. We went all the way up and went to our picnic area. At that time we had to leave.

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