The good and the bad things about the Maine Trip

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The good and the bad things about the Maine Trip

At the trip to Maine there was some good and some bad things about the trip. Some good things that happened were the hotel we slept in. At the first place that we stayed at was because it had a small basketball hoop at the pool. It was outdoors. We were doing slam dunks on it and it was a lot of fun. the rooms were pretty big. It was a lot of fun. and also we stayed at Niagara falls for two days because all the dads wanted to go deep sea fishing. At the first day we went to the falls. We got on a boat and water splashed all over us. We got to see a rainbow. It was a lot of fun. We stayed at another hotel. It was a indoor with a hot tub. We played tag. And the rooms were not outside so mosquitoes couldn’t come in. I watched baseball because I like baseball. The rooms were clean. It was lots of fun. Another thing was when we got there we found our rooms. It had a pool table. I would play every day. And it also had a TV. At night we would play a game. There would be two killers, one nurse that would save someone, and a cop. The cop would think who the killer was. At the end the would tell a story and say who died. And the game would keep on going until they knew who the killer was. It was fun because a lot of people played. And also we went to sand beach. We played volleyball and went rock climbing. And also we went to Eastport. We went fishing. On a boat. I caught five fish total. And we caught four lobsters and five crabs. And when we were going back it was good because we came home safely. That was all the good things about this trip to Maine.

Some bad things that happened were when we had to stay in the car. Another bad thing that happened was that we had a lot of mosquito bites. And when we went to eastport to go fishing not on a boat it was really boring because we went fishing for the whole day and we only caught three fish. And we only got to keep two. And another bad thing was when we ate lobster we went back and went fishing more for the parents. And a lot of people didn’t even want to go fishing. And another bad thing was that it took two hours to get to Eastport. And all I did was sleeping the whole two hours because I was really bored. And when we finally got home we rested. And then I and my brother rode our bikes around the neighborhood. And then we played some more pool. And one day we couldn’t do anything because it was raining. That was the most boring day. All we did was sleep and play some card games.

But most of the time it was fun. Even if we got mosquito bites and it was raining. But there was a lot of good things that happened. There were only I little bad things that happened. I think that was one of the most vacation ever.

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