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worst & best of maine.

worst : the roadtrip was horrible & we didn’t have anything to do in the car.

the bad things of maine:
we stayed there for about 10 days but for one whole day, we stayed home ALL day.
we went back to eastport, ME to visit and go fishing on a boat there and ended up waiting for the boat the whole day but didn’t even ride the boat.
when we went fishing on a boat, i only caught 2 fish.
the house we stayed in wasn’t that great of a place to stay at because everything was old.
we had to wake up at 7:00 in the morning everyday.
eating 2 lobster dinners made me sick of lobster.

best: i got to share a PRINCESS TOWER room with my cousin julie.

the good things of maine:
i went with people who was fun to hang out with.
we went to the beach & climbed really big rocks.
i finished a book that i had to read for school.
i got to take pictures of everyone and have some good memories with them.
the lady who owned the house we stayed in was nice.
we ate at 2 lobster places.
the kids played fun games at night.

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